FAQs for Employers

1.1 What’s EarlySalary.com?

EarlySalary.com is a NBFC supporting young professionals come over their mid-month and month-end financial crisis. We provide unsecured (yes, we don’t need your gold!) loans for up to Rs. 100,000/- for up to 50 days. We use your social data to fill up most of your application form and sanction your loan based on your social score. With your few mobile clicks, we’ll sanction your loan within a few clock ticks.

The NBFC is registered under the name of Ashish Securities Pvt Ltd and thus the loan is sanctioned by the same entity.

1.3 Can all my employees apply?

We are currently operational only in Pune. We are stretching our wings and flying to more cities soon.
The current minimum monthly take home salary required for an applicant is Rs. 30,000.

1.4 What are my risks by partnering with EarlySalary?

As an employer, you will have no direct or indirect liability towards loans given to your employees – The CREDIT RISK is and will be borne by us.

1.5 How will my organisation gain by partnering with EarlySalary?

  • 1.Time and ordeal of your management is saved for providing salary advances
    2.By facilitating employees to access cash within minutes, employees can be motivated and retained, and their time can be saved
    3.No hassles or worries for management about recovery of given advance to employees
    4.Your Cash flows are directed towards business purpose only, and not blocked into salary advances.

1.6 What do I have to do as an Employer?

  • 1.Encourage EarlySalary to your employees for Salary Advance/Cash Emergencies
    2.Provide a confirmation that the applicant works for you.

1.7 How can my employees access EarlySalary and get Privileged Corporate Access?

  • 1. The preferred method is if the host application can be download from the company’s intranet, so that we can validate the customer’s details right away. Alternatively, employees can download the EarlySalary mobile app from their App Store.
    2. Complete the application form
    3. Get instant approval on app for sanctioned Amount
    4. Verify details and complete formalities
    5. Enter Promo code for the Privileged Corporate Access to get discounts and Offer
    6. Get funds transferred to bank account

1.8 How can I set up time for an EarlySalary corporate presentation?

Please fill up this form and we’ll fix a with your team.

1.9 How can I get complete details on how the loan application process works?

Please read our FAQ for customers here.