Documents required & their acceptable formats

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    2.1 ID Proofs and Bank Documents required and why?

  • We care about YOU and the environment! We do not require any original documents or any photocopies.

    Upload your best selfie and an image each of these original documents:

    • 1. PAN card
    • 2. Passport/Aadhaar card/Driver’s license
    • 3. Cancelled cheque leaf of your salary bank account
    • 4. Salary account bank statement of the last 3 completed calendar months

      2.2 Why should I only submit images of an original ID or document?

    • Taking photos of photos/photocopies could take our machines and employees more time to read your data and Images might not be legible, leading to delay in processing or rejection of application.

      2.3 Why should I provide details only of my Salary Bank Account?

    • We need your salary bank account statements to validate your salary data and to assist you with repayment dates close to your salary date so that you may never have to default on your repayment. To make your life simpler, we have functionality which allow you to provide us the bank statement directly from the bank without looking for pdf statement received from the bank.

      Simply login to your bank via Perfios ( Our partner in providing better customer experience).

      2.4 What is login through Bank to provide bank statement and is it safe?

    • We strive to provide best service so that you do not need to look for details in your mailbox. We have tied up with a partner which help us in providing you a seamless experience. We or our partner do not save your bank ID and password.

      2.5 What should I ensure while uploading documents?

    • Please make sure that your images are
      • 1. Complete
      • 2. Adequately zoomed
      • 3. Not blurry and
      • 4. Taken with good lighting

      Additionally, for bank statements are acceptable in pdf formats only which you receive from bank as monthly statement or which you can download from bank website.

    2.6 In what formats can I upload my documents?

    • Bank statement : Bank statements can be uploaded in PDF format only. If your PDF bank statement is password protected, please share your password for us to open and read the bank statement and we will keep all your data safe and secure!
    • KYC documents: Aadhar/PAN/passport/driving license/voters id proof can be uploaded in JPEG or PNG format. We recommend clicking the image using App camera as it help us in compressing better and upload.

    2.7 My files take too long to upload. What’s wrong?

  • We compress the files you upload so that you do not have to wait. If your uploads still take considerable time, please check your internet settings. If trouble still persists, get in touch with us. Pls send the bank statement via email to us Call us on +918030077553, Monday to Friday (10am -6pm), Saturday(10am-3pm), or e-mail us at Alternatively, Just click to chat with us on our App.
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